Lost And Found - Artstation challenge entry

Krzysztof szrama ks lf 09
Master Shot
Krzysztof szrama ks lf 03
Entrance, leading to the corridor
Krzysztof szrama ks lf 01
End of the corridor, with a view on bridge, leading to main area
Krzysztof szrama ks lf 02
Bridge and stairs
Krzysztof szrama ks lf 04
another angle on main area
Krzysztof szrama ks lf 06
detail of the shrine
Krzysztof szrama sheet 01
Making of - callout sheet
Krzysztof szrama photoshop 2017 04 25 02 40 06
making of - color scheme test on original concept
Krzysztof szrama overwolf 2017 03 30 02 00 37
making of - additional concept and base mesh
Krzysztof szrama zbrush64 2017 04 25 02 29 26
making of - sculpt of elements from the altar

My entry for the Artstation challenge - Lost and Found. It ended up far less polished than what I planned for, but still I have learned a ton while doing this and had a lot of fun. I ventured quite far from original concept, expanding on it to tell a story of a long forgotten, magical place, that has been found and breached. I feel it fits the title better that way.

Thanks for lovely original concept to Лена Доронина https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rKKO2